David is a Australian/British bloke who was brought up in the island of Jersey (Channel islands, UK).
He has a passion for adventure travel. Having undertaken a series of long range overland journeys as well as a host of smaller trips to the four corners of the planet. Covering 96 countries and 6 out of 7 continents. Among the many sports/activities he loves to do, kayaking holds a special place in his heart. Completing the Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race (125 miles in 24.5 hours) and the Yukon River Quest (650miles in 49.5 hours) Which are two of his greatest paddling achievements. You can check out past overland adventures from North to South America, Africa Australia and Asia at Lost Horizon Facebook Page

20th March 2004 to 12th April 2005 = 389 Days
32955 miles / 53,387 Km

16th May 2011 to 19th Dec 2011 = 218 Days
27,046 Miles / 43,814Km

18th Jan 2012 to 15th May 2013 = 484 Days
47,511 Miles / 76,967 Km

15th June 2015 to 16th Dec 2015 = 185 days
17,589 miles / 28,494 Km

South Asia
18th Jan 2016 to 4th August 2016 = 200 Days
start 129023 finish 150,000 = 20977 miles

Days on the road = 1476 Days or 4 Years 16 Days

146,078 Miles or 236,646 Km


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