The Story behind the shot


The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland.

You always have to remember that a photo is a single point in time and it is only judged on what you can see in the frame.

This lane looks like a quiet spot miles from anywhere. In some respects that couldn’t be further from the truth. Getting this shot was a challenge. I visited this location twice while I was in the area. Both times it was busy with coaches and cars bringing visitors to the now famous Game of Thrones set location. Neither seemed concerned at wandering into other people shots. Whether they were taking a selfie or trying to get their own take on the Dark Hedges. The first time I left in frustration at the lack of consideration and constant traffic and people.  On my second visit things at first didn’t seam to be a lot better. But I persevered with taking test shots to ascertain my composition. So I would be ready if an opportunity presented its self. I good photographer can see a shot forming in front of them and can be ready for that single moment in time. As people drifted into the far distance of the lane and I seamed to be lucky with a rare break in the traffic. I knew it was now or never. The shot wasn’t perfect with the distant visitors wandering around. But I knew that if I took a series of shots from the same point, with them in different places. I could stack the shots later to erase them from the final view.

I had my chance and the place soon reverted to is busier state. I left feeling I had enough shots to hopefully pull the shot I was looking for out of the bag. I knew it was going to put my post processing skills to the test. As I don’t usually like to have to resort to more than correcting distortion, adjusting color balance and exposure. In my mind I always aim for getting the shot 90 – 100% straight from the camera. So photo stacking to erase people is an extreme measure for me. The hard work in post processing paid off and I got the shot I was aiming for. But the next time you see a shot of an iconic place, peaceful, quite and devoid of people. Take a moment to consider what the story behind getting that shot involved. Probably more effort that you would first think.

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