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I have known about affiliate links for some time, but have never got round to accually getting involved. But recently a few people have been asking what gear I use. So I though if I’m going to send them a link to steer them to the right kit, then I might as well benefit if Amazon makes a sale from it.

So today I got stuck in. Learned about what the key steps where in setting these affiliate links up, created a account at and then worked through my gear list finding the links and copying the short links. The net result is a The Gear I useā€¦ page, which will hopefully answers those gear related questions and will earn me a few pennies at the same time.

Key points I learned:

Initially setting up the affiliate account with Amazon is very easy. However once you have had 3 or more affiliate link clicks which have led to sales. Only then does your application truly get looked at. So potentially if Amazon don’t think you qualify, then they can shut your affiliate associate account down. Fingers crossed.

You have to setup a Amazon affiliate account for each country you wish to benefit from affiliate sales in. IE if you only setup an account and links from, then you only benefit from sales made from the uk site. So you need need to setup accounts in the countries where all the major groups of your followers are based. So that’s my next step.

So if you have all these Amazon links, how do you make sure you get the right country link to the right follower/user. Well I’ve discovered there is another tool/website for that called I discovered it through a handy web article which covers all the details So once I have all the country associate accounts and links setup, then I need to get stuck into understanding and configuring this tool. Something I’ll update you on in the future.

If you are a seasoned affiliate link user and think I’m still missing something or have some other valuable tips, I’d love you hear from you in the comments. Hopefully what I shared here will help a few other decide if affiliate links are for them too.

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